Zane Pool Heating


Zane Gulfstream harnesses the natural power of the sun and extends the swimming season by creating beautiful warm water, enabling your family to spend more time relaxing and having fun in the pool without costing the earth or harming the environment. Custom designed for residential and commercial swimming pools, Zane’s integrated pool heating options may include teaming solar with either a pool heat pump or a gas pool heater to increase your swimming options whilst minimise running costs.

  • Adapts to roof shape to maximise coverage
  • Outstanding heat transfer properties
  • Exceptional durability and UV stabilised
Heating the pool during the swimming season

There are many days during the “Swimming Season” when the pool is still too cool to swim. Zane solar heating allows you to control the pool temperature throughout the “Swimming Season”

Heating the pool to extend the swimming season

People generally find a pool at a usable temperature for only 3 to 4 months of the year. A solar heated pool can be expected to maintain the “swimmable” temperatures for 6 to 9 months of the year. Imagine how much added enjoyment your pool would provide if it was warm for more hours in every day and for more days in every year.

How does Zane Solar work?

Zane Solar absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to your swimming pool. The water in your pool is heated as it flows through a series of solar collectors strategically installed on your roof. The heated water is returned to the pool to increase its overall temperature.

Solar pays for itself

Zane Solar pays for itself in just a few years. After the initial setup cost, the ongoing running costs are minimal as the heat is provided free from the sun. A Zane solar system can be installed either as an independent system or an integrated system.

Independent System
  • In an independent system, the pool water is pumped directly from the pool to the solar collectors on the roof and then returns the heated water back to the pool.
  • Independent systems require the pool builder to plan for solar system, or to have the professional support of a Zane dealer from the initial stages.
  • Independent systems are simple to install and do not interrupt the filtration system.
Integrated Solar System
  • An integrated system involves diverting the flow of water after the filtration system. Generally a secondary pump pushes the filtered water up to the solar panels on the roof and returns the heated water back to the pool via the existing pool water return lines.
  • An integrated system can be easily retro-fitted without affecting any other part of the pool structure and it uses the filtered water of the pool to ensure that clean water is sent to the roof panels.
The Zane Method

At Zane we use “The Calculated method” which is applied in either manual or computer calculations. In this method, we give a numerical value to each of the factors listed in the table and then relate them to the pool surface area.

Custom designed

The Zane method is designed to calculate the amount of collector required to achieve the maximum “Cost Effective” result. This is called the “Full System” and may provide a more comfortable pool during the existing season plus up to four months extension of that season. To predict the performance of your system with an acceptable degree of accuracy, it is necessary to first complete this calculation. Having completed the calculation, it is a simple matter to adjust the result either up or down to increase or decrease the system size to suit your personal needs e.g.: 75% of the “Full” system area will provide you with 75% of the result, i.e.: a more comfortable pool during your existing season plus a three month extension.

Zane Commercial Solar

Zane solar systems have installed commercial solar systems at many prestigious and well known locations. Our expertise has enabled us to successfully complete large commercial projects of a size and scope completely beyond the reach
of most others in the industry.

Zane Solar Gulfstream

Extensive research, development and testing has gone into the refinement of Zane solar absorber. Zane solar absorbers are designed to gain maximum direct heat from the sun, plus extract reflected and conducted heat from the roofing material.

Zane’s solar absorbers are easily installed on most types of roofing material. Its unique raised webbing allows for greater drainage of water and moisture from the roof surface. This single feature prevents metal roofs from accumulating rust points. Zane solar absorber meets the highest criteria set down by the Australian Standards for solar absorber materials, AS2433-1994.

Custom Designed

Gulfstream allows you to customise the solar absorber to maximise your roof coverage.

Zane Solar Controllers

A Zane solar controller ensures your pool’s temperature is constantly monitored, without the need for your direct supervision. Once programmed to your needs, the controller will determine precisely if it is to heat your pool, and by how much.
Zane Solar controllers.

Two temperature sensing probes are used to measure the pool water and roof temperatures.

  • When the roof temperature exceeds pool
    temperature, the solar controller senses a
    solar gain and automatically activates the pool
    heating system.
  • When the temperature of the pool water
    is above your pre-determined ‘top out’
    temperature, no heating will occur until the
    pool water cools.

The ZX3000 computerised solar controller can control both the filter and the solar systems for your pool or spa. The ZX 3000 also has the ability to control extra heating equipment to work in conjunction with the solar system e.g. gas heater, heat pumps.


The PC5 computerised solar controller has an “Auto”, “Off” and “Manual” switch with a “topout” temperature control, winter mode and digital temperature readout.

Solar Boost Pumps

Zane Solar systems require efficient circulation to function at its peak performance. For this reason, we use a specially designed range of Solar booster pumps incorporating the essential features required to make them compatible with Zane Solar systems.

The Zane Guarantee

Zane’s systems are only available from Authorised Zane dealers. This way, Zane can ensure that every system sold is correctly designed and installed.

Zane dealers are required to undertake intensive training to ensure they adhere to Zane’s design and professional installation practices. A nationwide network of dealerships ensures service is always available.

Every Zane solar system is individually inspected and a comprehensive ‘Commissioning Report’ check list is completed and issued by the Zane dealer.

Zane solar systems conform in every way with the Australian Standards.

Customer Protection Plan

Every Zane Gulfstream system owner is covered by an exclusive Customer Protection Plan which provides them with direct cover from Zane. Under our Customer Protection Plan you benefit by:

  • Our dealers guarantee their installation and
    workmanship for 2 years from the date of
  • 10-year warranty on solar Gulfstream absorber
    material PLUS a further 5-year warranty on
    pro-rata basis.
  • 2-year warranty on solar controllers (for probe
    and lead 1-year).
  • 2-year warranty on all other Zane components.
  • Zane’s warranty is backed by Waterco Ltd –
    the leading supplier to the pool industry.
  • At Zane, all product warranties are issued
    direct from our central office to the owner.
    It is a good idea to enter into a seasonal
    maintenance program with your dealer.

* See our warranty document for full terms and conditions.

Zane Solar Gulfpanel

Extensive research, development and testing have gone into the refinement of Zane Solar Gulfpanel.

Gulfpanels are precision injection moulded from a high grade formulated polymer, selected for its outstanding heat transfer properties and its exceptional durability.

Gulfpanels are UV stabilised and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Pool Heating

Your Zane Dealer is also able to supply Turbotemp gas heaters and Electroheat heat pumps to compliment your solar heating system.

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